Mike Stewart and Nazaré mayor Walter Chicharro: the Surfer Wall has its first bodyboarder | Photo: Praia do Norte

Mike Stewart has been inducted into Nazaré's Surfer Wall in Portugal.

The legendary bodyboarding champion joins the likes of Garrett McNamara, Carlos Burle, Maya Gabeira, Pedro Scooby, Andrew Cotton, and Sebastian Steudtner in a dedicated exhibition room located at S. Miguel Arcanjo's Fort in Praia do Norte.

Stewart, 53, was one of the first international wave riders to experience the power of the Portuguese big wave beach break.

The nine-time world bodyboarding icon first visited the spot in 2009 for the Sumol Nazaré Special Edition.

The Hawaiian athlete donated a Science bodyboard and a pair of swim fins to the Surfer Wall, and he is the first bodyboarder to see his name in this special place.

Surfer Wall: Nazaré pays tribute to the big wave surfing community | Photo: Praia do Norte

"It is an honor for me. This is a very important international asset that you've got here," expressed Mike Stewart, who recently paddled out by himself on a giant day in Praia do Norte.

"There are few places on Earth where the raw elements of nature align in such a special way to create the largest possible surf. Rarer still, are the conditions to allow for human access and interaction into this area. Nazaré is this special place."

The Surfer Wall was created to demonstrate the respect and recognition the town of Nazaré has for the big wave surfers who compete, train, and use the spot to overcome themselves and share its wave-riding potential with the world.

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