Mitch Rawlins and Jorge Lecaros' big day in Arica

August 8, 2008 | Bodyboarding

Mitch Rawlins

Finally after 3 days off, the Arica Chilean Challenge started with the top 16 in the world hitting the water. As forecasted, the waves where bigger with 7 feet heavy sets pumping at El Gringo.

The standout of the day was the Australian Mitch Rawlins that had the highest score of the day 17.60

Chilean Jorge Lecaros won the toughest heat of the day with world champion Ben Player, the six time world champion Guilherme Tâmega and the world class rider Ryan Hardy.

Jorge came out of the water as a national celebrity. Uri Valadao now has a real chance to secure some valuable points with Ben Player eliminated.

He now has to get past an inform Jeff Hubbard. Tomorrow the waves will continue to pump at El Gringo and the next round men to men will start at 8:00 AM local time. 

Airam Cabrera(I.Can) x Richard Dias(I.Can)
Jeff Hubbard(Haw)xUri Valadão(Bra)
Pierre Costes(Fra) x Francirley Ferreira( Bra)
Yeray Martinez(I.Can) x Ivan Hernandez(I.Can)
Mitch Rawllins(Aus) x Mike Stewart(Haw)
Dave Winchester(Aus) x Paulo Barcellos(Bra)
Jorge Lecaros(Chi) x Magno Oliveira(Bra)
Brad Hughes(Aus) x Guilherme Tâmega(Bra)

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