Mitch Rawlins conquers The Box Pro 2012

March 31, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Mitch Rawlins: rolling in the deep

Mitch Rawlins has conquered The Box Pro 2012, in Margaret River, Australia. Rawlins surfed consistently throughout the event and outperformed South African Mark McCarthy in the final.

The Australian bodyboarder got the best out of the onshore six foot conditions that were on offer to claim his first win since 2005.

Throughout the event, Rawlins combined tube rides with high flying aerial maneuvers to rack up excellent scores and had South Africa’s Mark McCarthy in a combination situation for 26 minutes of the 30-minute final.

McCarthy fought back in a last ditch effort, but was still counting a 2.5 as a second scoring ride and ran out of time before he could find the required score of an 8.25 for the win.

"The guys were going so hard," Rawlins said. "It was a grueling contest, but I am having fun now. You rock up at each event, hoping for the best and you don’t realize until you win how good it is to win an event like this".

"It is pretty special. Hopefully I can get on track and compete with all the top guys at the end, which I guess is what you want when you are on tour." Rawlins choked back tears as he thanked his family for their support. This win has put him into tie 3rd place on the IBA Grand Slam Series (GSS) rankings.

Mark McCarthy held down the highest heat score and highest single wave score of the event, he looked unstoppable until he lost his magic touch in the final, falling to an in form Mitch Rawlins.

"I am stoked to make the final," said McCarthy. "I am not disappointed with a second, but it is just saddening not to win a final. When you make that final, you always want to win it. I just felt really out of rhythm in that final and Mitch just picked up all the good ones."

This result has rocketed McCarthy into tie 3rd place on the IBA Grand Slam series (GSS) rankings.

2012 Box Pro | Final

1. Mitch Rawlins [Australia]
2. Mark McCarthy [South Africa]