Mitt Romney: former US bodyboarding champion

Mitt Romney, the candidate for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination, has hit the waves of La Jolla for a relaxing bodyboarding session before getting back to his busy political agenda.

We've seen the Democrats' skills for wave sports, but this is the first glance at the Republican's ocean side of life.

A few years ago, Barack Obama was spotted bodysurfing in Hawaii, one of his favorite spots.

This time, Romney has been snapped by a beachgoer with his son Matt Romney, in boardshorts and rash guard, checking the quality of waves breaking in the iconic Californian beach.

Mitt Romney enjoyed a few days in the sunny La Jolla during the Easter holidays.

The Republican presidential frontrunner and former governor of Massachusetts might be the man-to-meet if the IBA World Tour runs out of sponsors in the next years.

Romney owns a house in La Jolla and is very well positioned to be the 2012 Republican presidential candidate against Barack Obama.

That means there will be a wave rider in the White House.

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