More than 400 bodyboarders head to Brazil for the 2009 IBA World Tour

March 11, 2009 | Bodyboarding

IBA World Tour

For the first time in history Brazil will receive two world tour events sequentially. The Katherine Melo will open the Brazilian leg in April 21st and then the Bahia Bodyboarding Show will take the world best competitors to the north of Brazil.

Both events will distribute a total of $75.000 dollars and 4500 IBA points. IBA Brazil expects more than 400 competitors on both events.

The Katherine Melo 2009 is going for its second year and the event will count for the woman’s as a Grand Slam event, distributing 1500 points. The men will have $25.000 dollars and 1050 IBA points, the highest non Grand Slam event on the tour so far. The event will take place in the estaleirinho beach, in Balneário Camboriu.

The Bahia Bodyboarding Show will be a unique event. Along with the competition rock shows will take place uniting two passions; music and waves.

Bahia, the state of the current world champion, will receive for the first time in history an international event and all the bodyboarding community is pretty anxious to see the best of the best in action. The event will distribute a total of $35.000 dollars ($20.000 for men and $15.000 for women).

We are very happy to receive two world tour events in Brazil in a year that the world is facing difficulties. We want to bring as many international riders to the event that we can. We are preparing lots surprises for all competitors on both events – says Flavio Brito responsible for the events of IBA Brazil.

Online entries
All international riders must confirm their participation on both events by filling out the online entry form. The website is being finished and in the next days we will inform.
Email entries won’t be accepted! All international riders must pay in U$ dollars on the Check in day.

Katherine Melo 2009
Venue: Estaleirinho Beach, Balneário Camboriu, Santa Catarina
Prize Money: $ 40.000 dollars (Men $25.000 and Women $15.000)
Men Entry: U$ 170 dollars
Women Entry: $140 dollars
Date: 21st – 26th of April
Status: Women Grand Slam and Men International event.
Points: Women 1500 points Men 1050 points

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