Bodyboarding on the Edge: the VHS video features the best of ten years (1982-1992) of the Morey Boogie World Championship

Professional bodyboarding is a relatively new concept. The first boogie-only contest was in 1982. It was the International Morey Boogie Bodyboard Pro Championships.

The event was a stand-alone world championship and ran continuously from 1982 to 1994, with a single exception - 1985 - when it was not held.

It was a time of rapid growth for the sport, and events were even televised on ESPN.

"Morey Boogie Bodyboards Presents: Bodyboarding on the Edge" is a VHS video chronicling the best of ten years (1982-1992) of Morey Boogie World Championship contests.

Also featured is the footage from the 1st Annual Morey Boogie Women's Championship.

See the Brazilian riders take off and dominate the largest field of female bodyboarders to ever compete at the premiere Pipeline event for women.

The 10-year retrospective mixed action with in-depth profiles and interviews with the bodyboarding stars of that time.

Morey Boogie Bodyboards Presents: Bodyboarding on the Edge: the VHP tape

The Starts of the 1980s and 1990s

Expect to see Jay Reale, Paul Roach, Mike Stewart, Shawnee Oide, Daniela Freitas, Stephanie Pettersen, Liz Arlen, Mariana Nogueira, Claudia Ferrari, Isabelle Bissière, Hauoli Reeves, and Aka Lyman talking about their sport.

"I have always loved to be able to be in a position where I can influence younger people in a positive way. I've always been a proponent of no drugs, no alcohol, living a healthy lifestyle, and getting high on sports like bodyboarding," Jay Reale stresses.

Drop-knee pioneer Paul Roach steps up to defend his sport's reputation.

"The maneuvers you can do on a bodyboard are a lot more gnarly, intense, and you don't hurt yourself as easily. I talk to people during heats and never let the friendship part go away," adds Roach.

Mike Stewart, who was already ruling Banzai Pipeline, described himself as the "plastic man" and had plans to compete for more "five, ten, 15, 20 years."

"I definitely feel I'm a competitive bodyboarder because I enter every single contest to try to do well. But I also think I'm a soul surfer because it's something that I want to do for my heart," concluded Stewart.

"Morey Boogie Bodyboards Presents: Bodyboarding on the Edge" was produced by California filmmaker Alan Gibby and released when Morey Boogies already owned by Kransco.

It is a stunning piece of bodyboard history worth every second of your time.

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