Bodyboarding: a New York state of mind

New York City has temporarily lifted the ban on bodyboarding after receiving protests from the wave-riding community.

When the New York City Parks Department issued the ban, bodyboarders almost couldn't believe what they were hearing.

The authorities announced that all "flotation devices" were not allowed to enter the local waters.

The reasons behind the ban were not quite clear.

Apparently, the bodyboarding prohibition was raised since two kids got swept out around Beach 33r with their boards during tropical storm Bertha.

A personal flotation device (PFD) is widely considered a piece of equipment designed to keep someone afloat.

Why should a boogie board be considered different from surfboards, kiteboards, or windsurf boards?

The Rockaway Beach Surfers Association protested, and the New York City Parks Department reviewed its policy, with subtle attention to the chosen words.

"Boogie boards will be allowed in open sections of beaches through Labor Day, as long as they do not create an unsafe condition."

"As always, beachgoers are prohibited from entering the water at any closed sections of the beaches. We will review the use of boogie boards at our beaches after the summer."

The New York City bodyboarding ban is not a closed chapter. Will winter bring blackball flags to the local wave peaks?

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