Neymara Carvalho quits the IBA bodyboarding title race

July 14, 2010 | Bodyboarding

Neymara Carvalho: a future Hollywood star

Neymara Carvalho, five-time World Champion, said that she´ll will not compete on the entire IBA World Women's Tour this year.

During this season, the Brazilian bodyboarder, will compete only in Brazilian events.

Neymara aims to do some filming for her movie and capture her image to Brazilian fans. Neymara is one of the great icons of Bodyboarding in world and her goal is to come back to the World Tour in 2011 and try to get her 6th World TitIe.

This move has opened the door for the next wave of women world champions Like Eunate Aguirre and Isabella Sousa.

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