Nicolas Rosner conquers 2012 Sintra Portugal Pro Trials

August 31, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Nicolas Rosner: smile, you're into the main event

Nicolas Rosner has won the 2012 Sintra Portugal Pro Trials, at Praia Grande, Sintra.

The Portuguese bodyboarder defeated Miguel Ado, Helliton Loureiro and Alberto Collucci in the final heat. With glassy and very contestable 4-foot waves, the 2012 Sintra Portugal Pro Trials have defined the bodyboarders who will be surfing with the pros in the main event.

The top seven trialists will face off against the 24 best bodyboarders in the world. Rosner and Benat Elosua will match-up against Grand Slam riders Mark McCarthy and Magno Passos, in the final heat of Round 1.

Rosner and Elosua will be followed by Miguel Ado, Helliton Loureiro, Alberto Collucci, Joao Neiva and Joao Pinheiro. Maxime Castillo is the first alternate and the wildcards are Goncalo Faria, Manuel Centeno, Hugo Pinheiro and Rui Pereira.

The swell has increased and provided an action-packed day of trials, offering up mixed peaks and multi maneuver rides.