Nicole Fleming triumphs at Elouera Beach

May 24, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Elouera Beach: where is Lilly?

The 2011 Women's Bodyboarding Association Tour has kicked off in the sunny Elouera Beach, Cronulla, Australia. The first official event of year brought small, but fun surf. The usual suspects arrived along with fresh new faces. Female bodyboarding is evolving fast.

The first riders to hit the waves were the "A" division contestants. This is basically for the girls who are just learning and developing their bodyboarding. They are encouraged to catch bigger waves, enjoy longer rides and any attempts at moves are rewarded with higher scores.

Jayda Sharpe, from Sutherland, stole the show with a good barreling wave in the final seconds of the heat.

That was a 9-point ride. Loren Collyer, in second place, showed that she has a great natural style and even managed to complete a cutback. Rani Head-Toussaint, from Avalon, paddles fast and prefers bigger set. She took third place.

Next up, the "AA" girls. Right from the beginning, it looked like Kate McAdam was onto all the best waves and completed a couple of fast spins as well.

Awesome work considering, it’s her very first contest. Kerry Head executed a really impressive carving reverse with spray. She got the best wave of the heat, but she couldn’t find a second good one.

Julia Heasman went for a few spins in her very smooth spin style, but wasn’t having much luck making them today because the waves were really small.

In the "AAA" division, the top level WBA girls headed out to try and impress. Straight up, Nicole Fleming found a set wave and completed a nice spin to roll. Laura Verjbitski found a few nice ones to execute her text-book style spins and reverses. Jane Keel completed a nice reverse and then landed a roll, while still keeping her hat on.

Lilly Pollard managed a spin and a roll during the heats and despite completing three hat spins, followed by a DK ride into dry sand to face plant, her efforts were not rewarded and Nicole scored the win.

Final Results

1st - Jayda Sharpe (Sutherland)
2nd - Loren Collyer (Gerringong)
3rd – Rani Head-Toussaint (Avalon)


1st – Kate McAdam (Port Kembla)
2nd – Kerry Head (Avalon)
3rd – Julia Heasman (Seaforth)
4th - Ali Kriz (Avoca)


1st – Nicole Fleming (mobile in the van)
2nd – Lilly Pollard (Gerringong)
3rd – Jane Keel (Shoalhaven Heads)
4th – Laura Verjbitsky (Cronulla)