Nik Martin and Wilder Shultz are King of the Groms

September 28, 2011 | Bodyboarding
King of the Groms: the Under 20's kingdom

Nik Martin and Wilder Shultz are the new kings of Jerry's Grom Bash 2011, held at Derdesteen, in South Africa. More than 40 bodyboarders competed in three divisions, in 4-5ft, offshore, peaky conditions.

All riders were under the age of 20, some from afar afield as Plettenberg Bay on the South Africa’s east coast. The title of "King of the Groms 2011" was at stake.

Interestingly, the Under 16 division was the biggest and most competitive class in action. Straight from the word go, big scores were being scribbled down and the upsets were being dished out like the barrels out the back on low tide.

Jason Fowler fell prey to some hungry upstarts and was eliminated early, this meaning a new king would surely be crowned come sunset. Nik Martin, from Plettenberg Bay impressed the judges with a massive roll on the outside earning him a 9.5. Some other standouts from throughout the day include, Bas Koopmans, Gabrial Hair, Tristan Roberts, Wilder Schultz and Aiden Wilson.

Later, it was time for the Under 20 finalists. Tristan Roberts, who is only 14 and perhaps one of the most advanced riders in the world for his age, came third. This left Aiden Wilson, who had been impressing all day and Nik Martin, the events highest scorer and overall smooth cat.

In the end, Nik was just to smooth for Aiden and he walked away with the "King of the Groms" title in the Under 20′s, earning himself a new Turbo IV bodyboard and a Gotcha Boardbag.

Next up were the finalists of the Under 16′s. Coming in fourth place, after ripping it up all day with some high flying inverts on some big sections was Bas Koopmans. Aiden Wilson, almost went back to back but came a close third.

This left the “Wonderkid” Tristan Roberts and a relatively fresh face to the CT scene, Wilder Schultz, fighting it out for the first and second places. Wilder surfed a smart heat and used wave size to his advantage taking waves way out back, doing some big moves before connecting them into the shorey.

This proved to be the winning formula and Wilder Schultz is your new "King of the Groms" in the Under 16 division. Aiden Wilson walked away with the "Unknown Threat Award".