Whiskey, Water & Wine: a wave riding video clip featuring intense moments

Aileen's is never a forgiving wave. Just ask a troupe of bodyboarders and surfers, who rode the Irish cave in death-defying conditions.

"Whiskey, Water & Wine" is a surfing adventure that starts in Biarritz, and ends in the legendary surf break of Aileen's, Ireland's "perfect wave." It involves all sorts of liquids.

The guest list is long and includes Sir Laurence of Thornborough, Max Harford, Rohan Inglis, Yann Mestelan, Andrew Kilfeather, Shane Meehan, Mitch Corbett, Tristan Farmer, Nicolau Von Rupp, Stef Skajarowski, Tommy G, Dan Skajarowski, Jack Johns, Tom Lowe, Mick Fanning, and Patch Wilson.

The footage shows how dangerous this Irish gem can be, even when the barrel appears to be long, deep, and perfect Aileen's is a surf spot located off the Cliffs of Moher, in County Clare.

The adventure took its toll on the crew. Dan Skajarowski spent about an hour or more trying to find his board from the boulders under the cliffs, after his wave, and Jack Johns got dragged along the bottom.

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