No waves? "Maybe Tomorrow"

September 7, 2016 | Bodyboarding
Maybe Tomorrow: Pierre-Louis Costes, Lewy Finnegan and Tristan Roberts revisit Tahiti

Pride Bodyboards has announced the release of "Maybe Tomorrow," a bodyboarding flick by Miller Best.

The director of "The Hidden Face," "The Mexican Mirage," and "Valentina" invited three world renowned pro bodyboarders for an extreme bodyboarding adventure in Tahiti.

What can Pierre-Louis Costes, Lewy Finnegan and Tristan Roberts do together? And what happens when all big wave bodyboarding dreams plans fail to materialize?

"We had one hell of a time! We were faced with some testing situations along the way, but I believe the final product of the trip is some of Miller Best's finest work to date," notes Lewy Finnegan.

"With every new day we were greeted by s--t waves, but we never let go of the hope that 'Maybe Tomorrow' would be good, and sure enough we lucked in on a session to remember."

The new bodyboard movie produced by Pride Bodyboards premieres on the 25th September 2016, and it will be screened around the world.

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