Nomad Bodyboards: a 100 percent-owned Australian company

Shane and Mark Britten are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Australian bodyboard company Nomad. Here's what Shane has to say about the special occasion.

On the eve of releasing the 2020 Nomad 20th Anniversary range, I never dreamt of anything long term when my brother Mark and I started our hobby business in February 2000.

Bodyboarding had already been an integral part of our lives before 2000.

Still, we were unaware of the significant change the decision to launch our own label would have on us or that I would have the opportunity to reflect on it 20 years later.

The name "Nomad" was inspired by our early days traveling up and down the Southern and East Coasts of Australia and then expeditions overseas, chasing swells and good times with a group of mates.

This, in turn, became our company philosophy and vision.

It took time, but around this ideal, we built a talented team that would have the opportunity to chase the dream, the Nomad F.S.D. (Free Surf Division).

Mark and Shane Britten: the founders of Nomad Bodyboards: Photo: Nomad

Making History

The creation of the team gave us a creative outlet to collaborate with riders and many incredibly talented photographers, filmmakers, and editors.

It has also given us the opportunity to produce many amazing projects, including the ROAM Series, the Nomad Fun Park Series, Traverse, and the Salt Horizon Series, not to mention an incredible ongoing relationship with Riptide Bodyboard Magazine which produced the cover-mounted projects "The Lackey Project," "Around the World in 40 Days," and "This Is Africa."

Over the years, this helped drive our product direction, giving us the opportunity to work with some of the most talented bodyboard shapers on earth, as well as launch amazing bodyboard technology in our boards, including the Engineered Flex Core (EFC), D12 Core, PRS (Precision Recoil Stringer) and Skintec, all of which have become industry standards and leaders today.

From a personal perspective, some of the best times and memories we've experienced with Nomad have been from the long road trips, sleeping on friends' floors, in tents, dodgy motels, or the back of cars.

But getting the opportunity to meet other passionate people while at our film premieres, free surf and sales trips or being part of the Australian bodyboard club scene, state and national competitions and international events such as the Shark Island Challenge and the Australian Bodyboard Association (ABA) Big Wave Awards were also highlights.

Most importantly, over the last 20 years, we have had the opportunity to have amazing long-term relationships with supporters, stockists, shapers, team riders, manufacturers, designers, customers, magazines, photographers, filmmakers, and distributors, many of whom we now count as some of our best friends.

Mark and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the last 20 years, and we look forward to the next 20.

Words by Shane Britten | Co-founder of Nomad Bodyboards

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