PRS and Skintec: Nomad's R&D at work

Nomad has announced the introduction of two technological innovations in their 2014/2015 range of bodyboards.

The Australian brand will add a precision recoil stringer (PRS) to the new line of Supreme bodyboards, to be launched on July 1st.

The PRS is a tapered carbon fiber stringer with a thicker, wider diameter in the tail to keep it stiff, which becomes narrower and more flexible as it gets closer to the nose of the board.

"This stringer works with the core adding spring like recoil in the nose while maintaining stiffness in the tail, the perfect combination for board projection," Nomad explains.

The second innovation is Skintec, an advanced compression cell technology developed for professional bodyboarding.

"The multi-layered polymer composition allows the skin to absorb pressure and impact compressions, creating increased strength and recoil and making for a more responsive performance board."

The Nomad Supreme Series includes the new Chris James, Michael Novy, Matt Lackey, and updated Nomad FSD Supreme Models.

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