EFC Red: a new bodyboard stringer system

Nomad Bodyboards has announced the launch of the second generation of their Engineered Flex Core boards, the EFC Red.

The new EFC Red combines two innovative technologies to bodyboarding: Precision Stringer Inlay (PSI) technology and the newly developed Red Projection Stringer system.

PSI technology allows the insertion of unique stringer designs at the beginning of the core construction rather than drilling into the core post-construction.

This technique has allowed new ideas, progression, and advancement in bodyboard stringer design, resulting in the Red Projection Stringer system.

Red Projection Stringers are a revolutionary shaped tabular stringer system specially calibrated for high-performance bodyboarding.

Red Projection Stringers create natural torsion in the board that when released assists down the line projection.

The EFC Red setup will utilize dual Red Projection Stringers, creating a board that is durable, with superior memory, flex, recoil, and projection properties, without the added stiffness of other stringer setups.

The 2013/14 Nomad Bodyboard range will release EFC Red across a range of models, including the Chris James, Michael Novy (with NV Mesh), and Damien Martin signature lines, as well as the FSD Ultimate and Supreme models.

Discover more about the bodyboard stringer revolution.

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