Perfect glassy waves pump the 2010 Arica Chilean Challenge

May 19, 2010 | Bodyboarding

2010 Arica Chilean Challenge: beautiful wave machine

Today was the smallest day of competition at Arica for many years but the conditions were non-the-less still perfect. The glassy sets hit the reef at around 3 feet with offshore winds making all riders very happy with conditions.

The elimination highlight was Damian King who lost in a very tight heat to Jared Houston and Jacob Romero.The lead changed hands several times but in the end KIngy could not land a series of flips to progress.

The Australians showed their new generation power with 5 riders placing in the top 16 round (Michael Novy, Dallas Singer, Thomas Rigby, Jake Stone, Jones Russell). The Aussie Jones Russell had the best performance, scoring 16.66 points out of possible 20. Russell has been a standout on the Australian Tour for a number of years.

Yeray Martinez from Canary Island, also showed good form and combined to tally 16.37 points in the last heat of today.

Chico Garritano (IBA Head judge) says that if tomorrow the conditions are the same as today, the top 16 won't go into the water.

"The big swell is really coming but it delayed some days so we might run the top 16 only on Thursday or Friday depending on how Arica reacts. Today was supposed to be one of the smallest days and the conditions were amazing. Arica always surprises us” said Garritano.

The next check in will be made this Wednesday at 7:15 local time. The Arica Chilean Challenge 2010 window period goes until Sunday the 23rd.

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