Perfect performances at the 2015 Arica Chilean Challenge

July 21, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Jared Houston: Perfect 10 at Arica | Photo: Tabone/APB Tour

Spectacular barrels greeted riders competing at the 2015 Arica Chilean Challenge, in Chile. Round 4 has been completed.

Alan Muñoz was forced to quit the contest due to injury. As a result, super grom David Barbosa and veteran rider Roberto Bruno secured automatic tickets into Round 5.

After watching Lucas Nogueira and Antonio Cardoso advancing, Helliton Loureiro dropped a pair of eights (8.0 and 8.4) to come out on top and keep his winning hopes alive. Sacha Damjanic, a local talent, will also continue in the competition.

Tanner McDaniel, from Hawaii, showed he is getting ready to become a future world champion. He won his heat and advances through alongside Brahim Iddouch.

Uri Valadão won his Round 4 game, but Lewy Finnegan also moves on to Round 5. Jared Houston had the best performance of the day. He nailed down a Perfect 10-point ride and backed it up with a 9.65 with an invert.

Israel Salas and Dudu Pedra sealed the deal in the seventh heat of the day. Mike Stewart, 9-time world bodyboarding champion, delivered an impressive performance and won his Round 4 heat with a solid 17.65 total.