Pierre-Louis Costes and Joana Schenker crowned 2014 European bodyboarding champions

October 13, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Pierre-Louis Costes and Joana Schenker: different ways of celebrating European titles | Photos: FRMS

Pierre-Louis Costes and Joana Schenker are the 2014 European Tour of Bodyboard (ETB) champions.

The last event of the European bodyboarding season was decisive. The Casablanca Bodyboard Pro crowned a local Moroccan rider - Ayoub Rachidi - and put smiles in the faces of two Old Continent performers.

Maxime Castillo knew he had a very tough job ahead, when Costes was able to reach the final. Pierre would only lose the 2014 European title if he finished fourth, and Maxime won the last heat. It didn't happen.

"I am very happy to win this third consecutive European title because the level is really high, and it is very difficult to win a trophy," told Pierre-Louis Costes.

"My next goal are the French Championships! After two years of absence, I'm super motivated to win the national title, and to compete against the best French riders! See you there."

Joana Schenker, a German-Portuguese bodyboarder, wrapped up a near-perfect season, with two out of three possible event victories - Ilhavo and Casablanca. She left Teresa Almeida and Catarina Sousa in the remaining podium places.

"I am super happy for winning the event and for achieving the goal of being crowned European champion! Thank you to everyone who helped me," stated Schenker.

2014 European Tour of Bodyboard | Final Standings

1. Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA), 2960
2. Maxime Castillo (FRA), 2682
3. Hugo Pinheiro (POR), 2168
4. Silvano Lourenço (POR), 2158
5. Ayoub Rachidi (MOR), 2073

1. Joana Schenker (GER), 2870
2. Teresa Almeida (POR), 2592
3. Catarina Sousa (POR), 2492
4. Marta Leão (POR), 2156
5. Fatima Zahara (MOR), 2024

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