Pierre-Louis Costes confirmed in the 2011 Sumol Nazaré Special Edition

January 7, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Nazaré: the bodyboarders' skatepark

Pierre Louis Costes, the 2011 IBA World Tour champion has been confirmed in the 2011 Sumol Nazaré Special Edition. The international big wave bodyboarding contest will be run on the 8th January, at Praia do Norte, Portugal.

Swell and wind conditions have raised the yellow flag and the world's best bodyboarders are already warming up in the Portuguese sands. The fifth edition of the Sumol Nazaré Special Edition, an official event of the IBA schedule, is expecting, at least, two-metre waves and offshore winds.

"We have all the conditions for a great show. The WNW swell, 14-second period wave sets and offshore winds will assure the perfect scenario. We invite everyone to attend the bodyboarding spectacle", says Dino Casimiro, manager of the Portuguese big wave contest.

Pierre Louis Costes, the French world bodyboarding champion, is also stoked to be part of the event. "It's always an honour to participate in the Special Edition. The last event was a huge succes and I am very happy to be part of this group of athletes. I've almost won in 2007 and 2009 so I hope to win it this year.

The 2011 Sumol Nazaré Special Edition will also feature the Portuguese chargers Luís "Porkito" Pereira, Fábio "Marreta" Laureano, Gonçalo "Pitaça" Campos, Jaime Jesus, Ricardo Faustino, António Cardoso, João "Mag8" André, Gastão Entrudo, Dino Carmo, Tiago Moita Silva, Paulo Costa, Filipe "Fifi" Ferreira, João Pinheiro, Rui Ferreira, Francisco “Chico” Pinheiro, Bernardo Barroso, João Neiva, Rui Pereira, Jerome Bernard, Silvano Lourenço e Hugo Macatrão, as well as the Australian Joe Clarke and Elliot Morales, from the Canary Islands.