Pierre-Louis Costes is the 2011 IBA World Tour champion

December 13, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Pierre-Louis Costes: yes, you did it for Sarkozy

Historical day for Pierre-Louis Costes. He has been crowned the 2011 IBA World Tour champion, in a day of profound tears, emotions and surprises.

Jeff Hubbard and Pierre-Louis Costes were still world title contenders in the beginning of the sunny day, at Gran Canaria. Two bodyboarders from two continents: America and Europe.

The swell was big for the important world title showdown. Jeff had to wait to see what happened in order to secure the title. The waves were getting bigger as the high tide was pushing in with light side shore winds.

If Pierre-Louis Costes won his quarterfinal heat he would be claiming his first world bodyboarding crown. There was so much at stake.

Despite all the smiley faces, there was tension in the competitors' area. Out in the water, duck dives were caught in the huge white water walls. Pierre-Louis Costes prepared for his critical heat. It was all or nothing. He was up against Jared Houston.

Wave selection was decisive and the wave conditions could put bodyboarders in danger. The reef was somewhere below the white water.

In the last minutes, Pierre-Louis Costes was leading by only 4 points, with 6.50 against 2.5, but a huge barrel from the Frenchman put him in the red carpet - 9 point wave. France could celebrate and Europe had another world bodyboarding champion.

Pierre-Louis Costes is 21 years old, speaks four languages and is living and training in Portugal. PLC celebrated in the lineup, while his girlfriend cried of joy in the competitors' area.

What a way of holding the pressure! Jeff Hubbard was in control of the 2011 IBA World Tour the entire season, but he had to watch someone grabbing the trophy in the last minutes.

The 2011 Fronton Pro offers a rocky reef that extends to the spot were waves are breaking. The incredible bodyboarding wave conditions of this stage will surely confirm a comeback in 2012.