Pierre-Louis Costes steals the 2015 Annaëlle Challenge

November 19, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Pierre-Louis Costes: backflipping at the 2015 Annaëlle Challenge | Photo: Annaëlle Challenge

Pierre-Louis Costes has claimed the 2015 Annaëlle Challenge, held in an island located off the coast of Finistère, in France.

The former world bodyboarding champion won the sixth edition of the prestigious APB Tour specialty event, in which 16 wave riders tackle a speedy right-hand slab.

After a wild first day of action in the remote island, four bodyboarders earned a ticket to the ultimate showdown. The 45-minute final had Costes, Borja Gainzarain, Jeremy Arnoux, and Julien Le Sehan battling for gold and glory.

This year's event claimed a few victims. Nicolas "Chinook" Richard suffered a painful wipeout, and Irwin Cloarec got injured in the free surf.

In the end, Pierre-Louis Costes used his APB World Tour experience to steal the final with a combined two-wave score of 17 points. Both winner and runner-up Jeremy Arnoux rode boards with Interchangeable Stringer System (ISS).

"Stoked to win the Annaëlle Challenge 2015 in front of two-times winner Jeremy Arnoux. Congratulations to the finalists Borja Gainzarin and Julien Le Sehan," wrote Costes, who had just flown directly from Puerto Rico to France.

"My words are not enough to explain how much work and passion go behind the event. Thanks to all the volunteers for spending so much effort and to all the organizers for running the hardest contest to be run."

The 2015 Annaëlle Challenge also delivered special awards to Geoff Vaquie for the "Best Wipeout," and to Laurent Begue for the "Heaviest Wave" of the entire competition.

2015 Annaëlle Challenge | Final

1. Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA)
2. Jeremy Arnoux (FRA)
3. Julien Le Sehan (FRA)
4. Borja Gainzarain (SPA)

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