Pierre-Louis Costes tries the double backflip

December 13, 2010 | Bodyboarding
Pierre-Louis Costes: testing the double backflip

Pierre-Louis Costes is trying what seems impossible, but it isn't. Confused? Well, the French pro bodyboarder is training hard at El Fronton in the Canary Islands.

At the same time, Louis Costes is shooting his upcoming movie "Three Conscious," filmed and edited by Nick Barclay. But the rider is really focused on completing a successful double backflip.

"I was lucky to have a decent ramp yesterday morning. The most frustrating part is probably that I just had one try," explained Costes.

"If you're a skateboarder or a snowboarder, you can have as many attempts as you want."

"In bodyboarding, first, you have to find a spot which offers enough good ramps per session, and then, because those sessions get really crowded, you have to be lucky to find a good wave."

The French charger believes it is possible to score the Double Backflip and that many bodyboarders are going to try it out.