Pierre-Louis Costes: he will surf Cornwall for the first time | Photo: Rute Penedo

Pierre-Louis Costes teamed up with Bodyboard Holidays to host an exclusive coaching weekend for British riders.

On November 2, 2019, the two-time world bodyboarding champion will be flying into Newquay to meet and share his knowledge with the local bodyboarding fans.

In Cornwall, bodyboarding is buzzing, with all ages joining in with the sport in their own way, whether its perfecting airs, attempting airs, or just breathing for air when the stoke hits.

Newquay is home to a leading bodyboard coaching school, perfect waves, and an epic coastline. The sport has always been enjoyed on the Cornish shores and continues to thrive.

Known for his spectacular backflips, Costes is universally recognized as the best rider of the 21st century and has amassed a huge following across all generations with his entertaining style and amazing bodyboarding skills.

Pierre, known around the globe as PLC, has never surfed in Cornwall before, so it's a first for UK bodyboarding to have a world bodyboarding champion host a coaching day.

Rob Barber: the director of Bodyboard Holidays is an accomplished rider

A Lifetime Experience

Costes will join Rob Barber, director of Bodyboard Holidays.

Barber is thrilled to have arranged the bodyboarding champion's visit to Newquay. The event will enable a small group of riders to experience personal advice from this icon of the sport.

"Pierre has such a hectic schedule with the APB World Tour and his intense training program, and he is continuously performing hard to win world titles," notes Rob Barber.

"So, we are thrilled that he has made an exception for us to come and coach with our team for the day. It's not every day you get a French bodyboarding superstar and world champion visit your home break."

"This really is a once in a lifetime experience for bodyboarders, who will get unprecedented access and advice from the two-time world champion."

Participants will have the opportunity to meet and hang out with Pierre-Louis and learn first-hand how he rides, what tips, tricks, and game-changing advice he can share to boost their riding.

Following the coaching session, Costes will head to Penzance, where he will be premiering his new film - "Tender" - which showcases the ten waves that made him the bodyboarding star that he is today.

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