Pierre-Louis Costes wins 2011 ISA World Bodyboard Championship

December 5, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Pierre-Louis Costes: the winning focus

Pierre Louis Costes has conquered the 2011 Sportzone ISA World Bodyboard Championship in the Open Men division. The Frenchman living in Portugal has had a blast and took the final heat to confirm a great bodyboarding season for himself.

Costes defeated Yeray Martínez, Lachlan Cramsie and Amaury Lavernhe.

Isabela Souza, in Open Women, Eduardo Rodríguez, in Junior, and Ardiel Jiménez, in Drop-Knee, conquered the Gold Medals in the other divisions. The event took place in Galdar, Gran Canaria, Spain.

After two days of amazing waves in El Frontón, the event relocated in La Guancha where the waves broke with contestable 3-to-4 feet surf. With two golds now in its pocket, the local Spanish team made it to the top of the partial ratings and lead to the final day as favorites to win the Team Gold.

First final saw 2010 IBA World Champion and event favorite, Isabela Sousa, winning over Anne Cécile Lacoste, Alexandra Rinder, and Ruth Parra.

The most exciting heat of the day was the Junior final, with local Eduardo Rodríguez leaving the rest of the heat needing a combination of scores after lighting up his heat with different repertoires of aerial moves. Anass Haddar placed second, Oliver Rinder, third and Matías Díaz, fourth.

On the Drop-Knee, a great barrel gave local Ardiel Jiménez an excellent score and the victory. South African Dylan Van Tonder placed second, French Amaury Lavernhe third and Portuguese Luis Pereira, fourth.

Provisional Team Rankings

1. France
2. Spain

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