Pierre-Louis Costes wins 2012 Fronton Pro

December 14, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Pierre-Louis Costes: decision maker in the Fronton waves

Pierre-Louis Costes has conquered the 2012 Fronton Pro, in the Canary Islands. The French bodyboarder played a critical role in the final world title decisions.

One year ago, Pierre-Louis Costes stole the IBA World Tour title from the hands of Jeff Hubbard, in the dying waves of the Fronton Pro.

In 2012, the French bodyboarding star served the same world title in a tray, to Jeff Hubbard, after defeating Dave Winchester in the Australian's last heat before glory.

It was a dramatic day for all Australians. Winny only had to beat Pierre-Louis Costes in the Semifinal to take the crown, but he ended up failing it for only 0.93 points.

As Costes confirmed a final against Jared Houston, Jeff Hubbard started crying tears of joy in the competitor's area and rested his heart.

"It was unreal. PLC is my new best friend. I can't even tell you what I feel. He took it away from me (in 2011) and then he hands it to me", Hubbard revealed.

The narrow victories continued for Pierre-Louis Costes. In a high-scoring final, the Frenchman defeated Jared Houston in the Fronton waves by only 0.06 points.

2012 Fronton Pro | Final

Pierre-Louis Costes, 17.76 points def. Jared Houston, 17.7 points