Pierre-Louis Costes wins 2012 Sintra Portugal Pro

September 2, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Pierre-Louis Costes: he lives in Portugal and he wins in Portugal

Pierre-Louis Costes has conquered the 2012 Sintra Portugal Pro, in Praia Grande, Sintra.

The French world bodyboarding champion defeated South Africa's Jared Houston in a nail-biting final. The Frenchman opened up his account with a 6.63 out of a possible 10 points for a backflip on his first wave and backed it up with a 6.18 to fend off the South African.

"I am so happy with this win", especially because I was contemplating whether or not to compete at this event." Costes added, "before today I was not really thinking of a world title, now I will have to focus on Mexico and see if It is possible."

Although Houston was slow to start, he managed to lock in a 7.00 point ride, the highest wave score of the final, committing to a lofty backflip on a set wave, but was unable to post anything higher than a 5.55 for the remainder of the final, 0.26 short of the required score.

This result will catapult Costes up the rankings, putting him into contention for a second world title. Mark McCarthy took control of the barrel at Sintra for equal third and put himself in the running for the world title.

Being the two young Guns on tour, Costes and Houston have had some memorable match-ups at places like Puerto Escondido and Fronton. Today was the first time they faced off in a final.

"Finally I met him in the final and it brought out the best in me", Costes commented. "We have had a few man-on-man heats together in the past and it always seems to push our surfing to its best. I want to congratulate him, he is hard to beat".

Today's second place finish for Jared Houston has solidified the young South African's reputation on the GSS tour. Well known for his big wave antics, Houston held his nerve today and showed that he can perform on any platform.

"I am very happy with a 2nd place finish, but disappointed to have lost. I was pretty nervous going up against Pierre in the final, just because we have a history, but it was a very hard fought heat", Houston said.

In the Women's division, Minami Hatakeyama defeated Maylla Venturin to claim the crown at Praia Grande. Isabella Sousa leads the world rankings.