Pierre-Louis Costes wins the Azores Islands Bodyboarding Festival

November 28, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Pierre Louis Costes: rocky spot challenger

Pierre-Louis Costes and Eunate Aguirre have conquered the Azores Islands Bodyboarding Festival, in Santa Catarina, Ilha Terceira. In the final heat, the French rider defeated the Portuguese Hugo Pinheiro. Yeray Martinez also took the 2011 European Tour of Bodyboard (ETB).

Pinheiro had already taken the Portuguese National Bodyboarding Circuit but came short (14.76 points) against Costes' attack (16.67 points).

"It was good. My goal was to win here in the Azores. After all, when I enter a contest, I enter to win. I cannot imagine things any other way", said the Frenchman.

The victory has but a special flavor. He beat his friend Hugo Pinheiro, with whom he shares waves in Portugal. Pierre Louis Costes is now living in Portugal for about a year.

"It was the first time I played a man-on-man heat with Hugo and I confess it is a bit confusing. But I tried to forget that he is my friend and did my best. Fortunately, I won and I'm very confident to attack the last race of the Grand Slam Series. I am going to try to win in the Canary Islands and take the world title", he added.

It was a final day of emotions in the Women's division, too. The Spanish bodyboarding queen, who was running for the world tour title, defeated Isabela Sousa.

"I am super happy. When you can make something that involves so much work, it is a wonderful feeling", said Aguirre.

Sousa got injured when she landed on the rocks, but it seems that everything is OK with the Brazilian champion.