Pierre-Louis Costes wins 2011 Sumol Nazaré Special Edition

January 9, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Pierre-Louis Costes: preparing to smile again

Pierre-Louis Costes conquered the 2011 Sumol Nazaré Special Edition, in Nazaré, Portugal. The world bodyboarding champion took the big wave title in the 3.5-metre waves of Praia do Norte.

"I’m very happy for this victory, because this is a very important competition for me, it’s a very difficult championship. I was also here in the last two editions and this one was the best. The waves were smaller, but were better to make maneuvers. It was a great success. Now I live in Portugal and winning here is like winning at home. I’m stoked with this first place", said Costes.

The French bodyboarder made 46,90 points (in 60 points possible), in the sum of the two best waves of the first and second rounds and the final, the best score ever in Sumol Nazaré Special Edition.

The Portuguese beach, in which Garrett McNamara scored the biggest wave ever, delivered great rides. After two very competitive rounds, with aerial maneuvers and deep barrels, Pierre Louis Costes, Elliot Morales, Dino Carmo, Tiago Moita Silva, Silvano Lourenço and António Cardoso went to the final.

It was a very exciting final, as all the athletes were very near in ability and any of them could win the title. Pierre Louis Costes and António Cardoso stood out from the others, finishing two huge barrels each. There was also a massive invert of "Tó" Cardoso that allowed him to win second place of the competition.

One of the standouts of the event was the Canary Island rider Elliot Morales with an incomplete 720 aerial reverse and a huge reverse air awarded with a perfect ten.

"This was the best edition ever. The size of the waves allowed the athletes to hit the lip harder, fly higher and show all kind of maneuvers bodyboard has to offer", said Nuno Amado, from the organization of the Sumol Nazaré Special Edition.

Sumol Nazaré Special Edition | Results

1. Pierre Louis Costes – 46,90 points
2. António Cardoso – 38,10 points
3. Tiago Moita Silva – 35,65 points
4. Dino Carmo – 34,56 points
5. Silvano Lourenço – 31,14 points
6. Elliot Morales – 29,54 points
7. Joe Clarke – 20,99 points
8. Jaime Jesus – 19,93 points
9. Luís “Porkito” Pereira – 19,88 points
10. Fábio “Marreta” Laureano – 18,83 points

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