The Journey: a bodyboard game for mobile phones

"The Journey" is the world's finest bodyboarding game for smartphones.

YouRiding, the online water sports gaming company, developed a free-to-play realistic bodyboard game for mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Riders are invited to travel the world in search of the perfect waves and to become the planet's best bodyboarders.

The quest kicks off on the East Coast of the USA, but there are more than 300 waves to be ridden.

The Journey: get barreled with the pros

The stars of the sport will guide you.

Mike Stewart, Amaury Lavernhe, and Pierre-Louis Costes, alongside local talents, will help you complete goals and tricks as you experience the world's finest breaks.

"The Journey" tries to simulate real-life physics in spots like Teahupoo, Pipeline, Mundaka, El Fronton, and The Wedge.

Landing aerials, getting barreled, wiping out, and pulling rollos. Ready to paddle out?

"Imagine a game where the goal is to learn everything about the sport and where the player gets to experience actual waves, riders, equipment, and become part of a true community," explains Mike Jegat, CEO of YouRiding.

Read the wave, fine-tune your timings, learn new maneuvers, and customize your avatar. Pick your favorite board - Pride, Hubboards, Science, and Sen No Sen - and go for it. Take on "The Journey."

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