YouRiding Bodyboarding IV: a game full of barreling dreams

World bodyboarding fans are invited to test the new YouRiding Bodyboarding IV, an online bodyboard game that uses Unity technology to create a full 3D game using your computer graphic card.

The revamped YouRiding Bodyboarding IV offers maximum stoke. Invert air, 360s, helmet camera view, tube rides, and the best world bodyboarding wave spots are all available in the new video game.

The quality of the wave effects has been increased.

It has always been difficult to digitally emulate water, but the overall result is definitely entertaining. The YouRiding Bodyboarding IV can be played in free mode.

From the moment you take off, everything is possible. Gain speed, stall, bottom turn, cut back, explore the pocket zone, and go for the air reverse.

You'll be using your keyboard to make the ultimate bodyboarding decisions.

The YouRiding Bodyboarding IV also features meteorological variables for you to fine-tune.

You can change the wave conditions on a spot every 24 hours. Pierre Louis Costes and Manny Vargas are the bodyboard stars riding for the online game.

"I wasn't going to be the character that you can choose. Instead, I'll be the dude teaching you how to play the new game. I really don't want this to sound like a selling pitch, but this game is pretty sick", says Vargas.

Watch the YouRiding Bodyboarding IV in action. Play a bodyboarding game online on your desktop computer.

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