Port Macquarie Bodyboarding wins the 2009 Teams Challenge

The 2009 Teams Challenge, sponsored by No Clones and Aussie Home Loans Port Macquarie, played out Saturday and Sunday in small but tidy conditions at Lighthouse Beach. Day one saw small but neat 3 foot waves that still offered plenty of options for competitive action.

Day two, although slightly smaller, still provided the useful little lefts and rights that resulted in some impressive wave scores. It was another impressive win by the Port Macquarie “Aussies”, led by Jon Capilli and Damian King, over a strong team from the Gold Coast.

At the halfway point of the Challenge, however, the Solid Team from Newcastle held a two-point lead on 44 over Port Stephens on equal 42 with the Port Macquarie “Aussies”.

Solid’s John Cruickshank was a stand-out performer taking multiple barrels in one heat and scoring 19 out of a possible 20. Cruickshank is a real journeyman of the sport it was great to see him in such great form.

Port Stephens’ Nathan Graham was virtually unstoppable in the Drop Knee division but it was a strong effort from Nathan Pope and the other Gold Coast competitors that really put them in with a big chance for taking the title right up until the final heat. 

It was great to see long-time Team Challenger Dean O’Neil back in the fray after being called out of semi-retirement.

In the small conditions, O’Neil really performed well. The Teams Challenge really does give the older competitors the chance to show the young guns how it’s done.

Ultimately it was the Port Macquarie “Aussies” consistency that got them home.

While not winning all their heats they usually scored second and eventually accumulated the points to win the event by two points over the Gold Coast.

Blake McKenzie and Beau Nutley were real surprise packages for the Port “Aussies” scoring well and winning heats. Liam McLennan also surfed strongly and along with Jesi Robinson firmed the “Aussies” final results.

Robinson had a great final heat which clinched the title in another competitive and well-run Teams Challenge.

The host club, the PMBA is very grateful to No Clones T-Shirt Designs and of course Aussie Home Loans for their support. Local Bodyboard crafters TURBO also chipped in with some fantastic prizes as well as Innervision and Saltwater Wine Surf shops and Riptide Magazine.

We’re hopeful we can attract more teams for next year's event in what must be the richest and most competitive Teams Event in the World.

Final Results

Port Macquarie “Aussies” 86
Gold Coast 84
Solid (Newcastle) 79
Port Stephens 78
Headlanders 64
Sydney 59

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