Port Macquarie Festival of Bodyboarding pumps Australia

April 18, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Todd McRorie: looking good for a clean barrel

The Port Macquarie Festival of Bodyboarding is on. The 6-Star Global Qualifying Series event of the IBA World Tour has completed Men's Round 1 and 2 at Break Wall, NSW, Australia.

All bodyboarders enjoyed 2-3 foot contestable waves and local riders applied their local knowledge and fierce competitive spirits to dominate the first day of competition.

Standouts included Ewan Donnachie, Tahnee Sams, Todd McRorie, Nathan Branch, Spencer Frost and an on fire Kurt Gillan, who managed to post the two highest heat scores of the day with 15.17 out of a possible 20 in Round 1 and 15.00 in Round 2.

The only non-Australian to stand his ground was South Africa's Wesley Fisher, who managed to win his Round 2 heat with clean rolls and backflips.

Up next will be the Round 1 of the Women's World Tour event. The Drop-Knee event is expected to get under way later during the week.

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