Wadi Adventure: bodyboarding in the middle of the desert

Three Portuguese bodyboarders have traveled to the United Arab Emirates to enjoy a free bodyboarding session at the Wadi Adventure Wave Pool.

Forget the imprisonment of bodyboard leashes and 3/2mm wetsuits. This is heaven on Earth. Perfect waves, warm water, and a perfect-peeling backdoor peak rolling in every minute.

Three friends, one cameraman, and five days in the desert. Hugo Pinheiro, Francisco Bessone, and Edmundo Veiga took their bodyboards to the Wadi Adventure, one of the best artificial waves in the world.

Located at the base of Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain, approximately one hour and a half from Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the Wadi Adventure Wave Pool is an amazing experience as you pull ARS moves in the middle of the desert.

Middle East's first human-made artificial wave offers a surf pool capable of making three-meter-high waves in front of a sandy beach.

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