Power waves open the Deeply Surfusiom 2010

September 3, 2010 | Bodyboarding

Deeply Surfusion Pro 2010: shy bodyboarders

The first day at Doniños started in excellent fashion with solid lefts and rights rolling off a sweet bank at the Northern end of the beach. There was a lot of water moving in the line up and the waves had a lot of punch for the competitors in the opening rounds to show off their style.

The first round heats set a lofty standard with international guys like Silvano Lourenco (Portugal), David Perez (Spain), Dan Skajarowski (UK), Charlie Chapelet (Reunion), Nicolas Chiara (Argentina), Angelo Freda (Venezuela), Daragh McCarter (Ireland), Oliver Rinder (Germany) and Canary Island local Ivan Hernandez, all blazing through their heats.

Top scorers for R1 were:

Silvano Lourenco 6.25
Nicolas Chiara 7.50
Alex Sebastian 8.75
Julian Gonzales 8.75

The early high tide was creating tricky conditions but the swell was thick and had loads of scoring potential for later in the day.

Round 2 saw a step up in the tactical positioning of the riders as they jockeyed for the best waves. By this time the tide had receded and the surf was looking pretty fun.

David Perez is a former ISA World Bodyboarding Champion and he showed lots of style when he busted out an 8.75 for an ARS off the close-out in the first heat to finish first ahead of Jean Bernard Levet from France.

“I’m happy to progress” said the humble Basque country local Perez.

“The waves are quite good today”.

Frenchman Jean Bernard Levet was in the area visiting his mum and noticed in the local paper the story on the contest.

“I was reading this with my mother and said hey I should go in this event” said Jean.

“Now I pass two heats I am motivated to continue” he added.

The next standout performer was Tom Rigby (Australia) in heat 3 of round 2.

The rising star from the Gold Coast found some rare high scores in the tricky peaks.

“Its hard to find the good one’s” said Rigby.

“There are more than a few closeout’s but occasionally a good one sneaks through and lucky I was in position for it”

Rigby top scored with a 7.5 and progressed to R3 tomorrow ahead of Charlie Chapelete.

Nicolas Chiara won the next moving through with Spains Benat Elosua.

Jacob Romero (Hawaii) dominated heat 5 with Irelands Shane Meehan joining him in the third round.

Jorge Colomer (PRC) was lucky in the next heat when he wa sitting in third place with just a few minutes remaining and a drop in from Spanish rider Alvaro Jurado pushed him into second.

“I don’t know what to say. Sometimes you can defeat yourself mentally before you even surf” said Jorge.

“I know I can surf better than this and I will focus my mind in the next heat”

Australian Dallas Singer was the next to standout in heat 6. He had a top score of 8.65 and felt at home in the fast breaking lefts.

“Yeh, its sort of like a wave back home that I surf a lot at low tide” said Singer.

“I actually thought it was fun out there”

Antonio Ortiz cruised through in second.

In the last heat Aussie rider Mitch Woodlands looked in control when he dominated the line-up in front of Marcus Lima (Brazil)

“Dallas had told me that it was a one hit wave and he was right” said Mitch.

“He scored a 8.65 for a single move so I just followed the trend and did the same”

“Its not as bad as I thought it would be out there. You can get a good run into them and the lips are punchy and workable”

With the second round out of the way organizers decided to continue with the first round of the DK.

New IBA World Champion Amaury Laverhne (Reunion Isle) showed his versatility with a win in the first heat ahead of Israel’s Gal Larar.

“I really like drop knee” said Amaury.

“Back home in reunion I do DK 70% of the time. Maybe next year I will follow the DKWT as well, its so much fun”

In the second Australian Simon Murphy conquered local hero YiYi Obenza with Ivan Hernandez third.

“I got lucky and snagged a few” said Murphy.

“I am only new to this competition game and thought that I’d better play it safe and finish my moves cleanly”

Damian King looked like he was playing with the waves in heat three as he minced the lip on route to victory over Pierre Maroun (France)

“Its got more power than Sintra” said the King.

“I took the high line and it all worked out OK”

The last heat of the day former World Women’s champion Marina Taylor moved through with ease. Marina has been blowing the tail out with stylish tail whips and most of the guys in the DK division are terrified of her.

Overall Day 1 at Ferrol was a great opening to the festival of bodyboarding in the Galicia region of Spain and tomorrow will see the seeds hit the water in what the organizers expect to be the best day of the forecast.

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