Powerful waves hit the 2012 Tand Invitational

July 3, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Tand Invitational: Stephen du Preez tries to escape the pit

The 2012 Tand Invitational is pumping serious waves. The iconic South African event is delivering solid 6-10ft waves and has already defined the semifinalists.

In the Quarterfinals, big names progress in some very tough heats. Jared Houston took the wave of the day with a massive 9.9-point ride, firmly stamping his intentions on the famed reef.

"We had put the event on hold in order to wait for the high tide to come in and then drop in order for the better conditions, but the high tide only brought with it 10-12ft waves that rendered the contest almost un-contestable", the organization reveals.

"We then came to the conclusion with all the riders left and the judges to postpone the running of the semifinals and finals until tomorrow morning".

In the first matchup, there will be Mark McCarthy, Tomas Degenaar, Henk Esterhuysen and Sacha Specker. The second Semifinal will have Iain Campbell, Jared Houston, Adam Morely and Stephen du Preez battling for a place in the final.

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