Vulcan: Pride is proud of their fins

Pride Bodyboards have announced the release of "Vulcan", a brand new bodyboarding fin system.

The French brand started working on the "Vulcan" fins in June 2013. After a succession of drawings, molds, and tests, the first models are ready to hit the world market.

"It's been a pretty lengthy process. Every time we came back with something that wasn't quite right, the Pride Lab, with integrity and consideration, would modify it to the point where we feel it's pretty perfect," explained Jared Houston.

Pierre-Louis Costes has also been part of the project since the early days. The French rider believes their feedback was important for the design to keep evolving.

"I tested the fins in cold water, in Portugal, and in the warm waters of the Canaries. Both times, in very different conditions, the fins were always responding to my demand. The fin was powerful, gave me a lot of comfort all the time," added Costes.

There will be two models in the marker: V1 (five colors) and V2 (three colors).

Both versions are inspired by the visual elements of the asymmetrical fins and were designed to provide comfort and propulsion.

Pride Bodyboards believe "Vulcan" fins will be changing the way you ride waves. What do you think? Discover the best bodyboarding fins in the world right now.

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