Pro bodyboarders get set for the Arica Chilean Challenge 2010

May 12, 2010 | Bodyboarding

El Gringo: extreme wave

This natural beauty is now on the top 3 of the most spectacular waves in the world, reaching 16 feet breaking in 2 feet of water, directly on sharp rocks.

Silent for years, it has been highlighted in 2004 by the International Bodyboard Association as a first rank stage of the world championship.

The Arica Chilean Challenge is now the second most important Bodyboard Grand Slam in the world after the famous Pipeline in Hawaii. It is a competition that raises global interest in the “ex Isla El Alacrán” every year and it is not going to change this year, the best riders in the world are coming to dazzle the spectators with their virtuosity on a wave both technical and dangerous.

The conditions to start this championship are excellent. A very consistent swell is expected with a strength that makes the Arica Chilean Challenge experience a very extreme stage of the world championship.

Waves up to 14 feet are predicted on the next day to guarantee a terrific Grand Slam. The Pro riders are already in town, having free surf sessions on the morning with locals to be in top shape to start the championship Friday at 8am.

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