Pro bodyboarding enters the most ambitious season of all time

April 9, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Pro bodyboarding: total commitment | Photo: Specker/IBA

It is one of the most important seasons in the history of professional bodyboarding. For 2015, the Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) has launched an ambitious schedule and for the first time ever, a Pro Junior circuit with four stages.

The 2015 APB Men's World Tour might only kick off in June, but the stakes are high. There are 11 world-class venues locked in, including brand new stops in Nazaré, Maldives and Teahupoo. And yes, Mike Stewart returns to Tahiti, where he first introduced Teahupoo to the world of wave sports.

Despite the lack of support from the surf industry, professional bodyboarding has fallen but never died. The IBA World Tour dream almost ended in tragedy, but the legends of the sport rescued the boogie board and gave a new meaning to the word "passion."

But if you're a bodyboarding enthusiast, there's more for you in 2015. The APB plans to be "the first ever sport" to deliver equal prize money for men and women at the final stage of the World Tour, the Encanto Pro set for Puerto Rico.

If Nazaré and Teahupoo deliver all their power, professional bodyboarding will be talked in the mainstream media. No surfer can drop into a wave like a bodyboarder does, and in a big wave scenario it will mean a new chapter in the history of wave riding.

Let's not forget the ten stages set for the 2015 APB Women's World Tour, the five events that will crown a Drop-Knee champion, and two specialty events in spectacular spots: Annaelle and Shark Island.

Finally, bodyboarding has its do or die, make or break moment. It's time to shoot the curl and pull the highest airs of the history of board sports. Bodyboarders, you can do it. Bring it on.

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