Pro Bodyboarding: only bodyboarding game released for PlayStation

Strangely - or maybe not - there was once a bodyboarding game with a surfer on its cover. Meet Pro Bodyboarding, the only boogie title launched for PlayStation systems.

The PlayStation, also known as PS1, was a video game console marketed worldwide between 1995 and 2005.

It was a global hit, and it had subtle regional variations, for example, in the control buttons.

In a decade, Sony sold over 102 million PS1 units, and the industry produced a total of 2,515 games for the video game console.

One of those games was Pro Bodyboarding, a title developed by Theyer GFX and released on April 12, 2002, by Midas Interactive Entertainment.

The game features four different beaches and invites players to choose the waves they want to ride.

After taking off, the rider can perform a wide variety of tricks, including spins, turns, barrel riding, and airs.

Each surf break has its own peculiarities and specifications. Your goal is to beat your opponents and get high scores from the judges.

The game allows up to four players.

Pro Bodyboarding: the PS1 bodyboarding game with a surfer on its cover

Pro Bodyboarding: the game allows you to ride with eight different male and female characters

A Bodyboard Game With a Surfer on the Cover

Pro Bodyboarding lets you choose eight different male and female characters (Jaimie, Bear, Summer, Chook, Tania, Mark, Crystal, and Cam), multiple bodyboards, and three distinct game modes: Free Ride, Rider Championship, and Extreme Trick.

Interestingly, on its cover, Pro Bodyboarding featured a surfer getting barreled instead of a bodyboarder. Was it an unjustifiable mistake or a purposeful act to attract a broader audience?

From a gamer's point of view, you'd get an enjoyable third-person gaming experience, and the graphics were fairly good, taking into consideration that it was released in the early 2000s.

Pro Bodyboarding was not able to beat the quality of Mike Stewart's Pro Bodyboarding, a Windows game released in 1999 and one of the first of its kind to hit the market.

Nevertheless, if you still own a PS1 and enjoy a few nostalgia gaming moments, you'll find this title available in the second-hand market at a reasonable price.

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