Renan Faccini introduces a portable tow-out system for bodyboarders

May 3, 2016 | Bodyboarding
Renan Faccini: the 'Slasher Pull' is more than just a winch | Photo: Gabriel Silva

Renan Faccini has developed a new portable tow-out system. The "Slasher Pull" is more than just a winch. It is the ultimate solution for flat days.

Faccini is not you average pro bodyboarder. He is a sideliner, and alternative rider, an experimental athlete who doesn't fit in the classic bodyboarding standards.

"The Crow" has a new toy. He started developing the "Slasher Pull" in 2014, after spending an entire summer without decent waves. Renan rapidly understood he had to come up with something.

Inspired by a portable wakeboard winch, he started making a few phone calls so that he could learn how to adapt it, and make a faster model for the bodyboarding needs.

The "Slasher Pull" is faster than any conventional winch system used in boardsports. It allows bodyboarders to hit the small wave ramps at high speed and throw big airs in summer-like conditions.

Renan Faccini's portable tow-out system would also be an interesting addition to pro contests cursed by consecutive lay-days. Why not give it a try?