Renan Faccini: the gothic rider | Photo: MCD

Renan Faccini has joined the iconic surfwear brand More Core Division (MCD).

The indie bodyboarder from Sao Paulo - widely known for his alternative trademark aerial antics - has signed a deal with the company Michael Tomson and Jack Denny founded in the 1980s.

Faccini, who was raised in the United States, is the first bodyboarder ever to enter the MCD team, which includes surfers and musicians.

The cutting-edge surf brand uses gothic imagery and raw graphics in its DNA.

"Bodyboarding is a very big sport, but it is not that explored in Brazil. Nowadays, in many places, there are more bodyboarders in the water than surfers," underlines Renan Faccini.

"It's awesome because I always identified myself with MCD since my childhood in the US."

"I believe that now that I'm part of MCD, we will have more visibility, and this may be very good for the future development of the sport."

"I have many friends in surfing and admire their work. The problem is that people don't know the potential of the bodyboard, so it's hard to admire something you do not know."

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