Riders announce the Association of Professional Bodyboarders

January 15, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Jeff Hubbard: founder of the Association of Professional Bodyboarders

The world's best bodyboarders have announced the creation of the Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB).

Alex Leon, Mike Stewart, Jeff Hubbard, Mark McCarthy, Ryan Hardy, Craig Hadden, Guilherme Tâmega, Chico Garritano, Karla Costa and Diogo Marques are the founding riders of the newly formed Association of Professional Bodyboarders.

"The governing body that represents the world's bodyboarding athletes, event promoters and officials of the sport of Bodyboarding", it can be read in APB's Facebook page.

"This group is a collaboration of athletes, officials and event promoters to represent the athletes of the sport and to steer the sport into a positive direction and protect its credibility".

Founded on the 5th January, 2014, the Association of Professional Bodyboarders is a joint effort to rebuild the world bodyboarding tour, after the terrible 2013 IBA season, which crowned a world champion based on the 2012 results.

The International Bodyboard Federation (IBF), formed and announced in the last months of 2013 by Geordie Tarren, seems to have opened way to a stronger and wider bodyboarding syndicate.

Is there a new world bodyboarding tour in the making, or will the APB take control of the International Bodyboarding Association?

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