Rio de Janeiro is ready for bodyboarding extravaganza

September 10, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Rio de Janeiro: Brazilians love bodyboarding

The Rio Bodyboarding International 2012 is ready to kick off and promises the biggest prize money in the history of bodyboarding in Brazil.

After the success of the Itacoatiara Pro, Brazil prepares a bodyboarding event with a record number of riders too. There will be 150 bodyboarders from 15 countries ready to win the highest prize money.

The Rio Bodyboarding International 2012 features a US$30,000 Women's World Tour Grand Slam combined with a US$45,000 6 Star GQS for Men.

The competition will take place in the Copacabana beach break, one of the most famous waves of Rio de Janeiro. The wave is very fast and heavy and starts working at two- to- three feet.

The water temperature is usually at 20ºC. A full spring suit is a good idea for the morning and board shorts during the day or a short suit will be fine.

Pierre Louis Costes, Amaury Laverhne, Jeff Hubbard, Mark McCarthy, Eunate Aguirre, Guilherme Tâmega, Paulo Barcellos, Uri Valadão, Isabela Sousa, Neymara Carvalho and Soraia Rocha have confirmed their presence in Rio de Janeiro.

The event runs from 11th-16th September 2012.

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