"Ro4m Diaries" promise stunning barrels and dangerous slabs

October 15, 2013 | Bodyboarding
Ro4m Diaries: exploring the impossible

"Ro4m Diaries", the new installment of the successful "Roam" film series, will be digitally released on the 11th December, 2013.

"Roam" is a synonym of quality bodyboard movies. The new "Ro4m Diaries" has been filmed on location by Michael Jennings, Matt Lackey, and Tyson Lloyd.

Lackey returns to the editing chair following his successful direction and edit of "The Lackey Project" and "Roam Fre3". The project is a partnership between Nomad Bodyboards and Riptide Magazine.

"Ro4m Diaries" features Michael Novy, Chris James, Matt Lackey, Damien Martin, Chase O'Leary, Ewan Donnachie, Joe Clarke, and Cade Sharp, as they chase swells through Hawaii, South Australia, Samoa, and The East Coast.

The film will follow the lifestyle of riders who dedicate their lives to researching surf locations, forecasting swells and then travel beyond the borders of their home town, state, and country in their quest to surf perfect waves.

The "Roam" film series follow the lives of the world's best free surfing bodyboarders as they experience the highs, lows, and adventure of surf exploration.

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