Ryan Hardy claims the 2010 Shark Island Challenge

August 14, 2010 | Bodyboarding

Ryan Hardy: he bit the shark, again

Pro bodyboarder Ryan Hardy has conquered the 2010 Shark Island Challenge, held in pumping 3-5ft (1.5m) waves near Cronulla, New South Wales, Australia.

"The final was the best heat for me because some of the best waves of the day came through in perfect conditions," said Hardy.

"Competing with Kingy and Benny P is always good fun and intense, because we have a long history of competitive rivalry which puts each of us on our toes. Throw in local young upstart Shaun Pyne, the local favorite with the crowd behind him, and it was a great atmosphere. After each wave the channel gallery was going wild and you could hear the cheers from the shore, and that's the ingredients of an epic finale."

He competed this year for the 8th time in the Shark Island Challenge. Former winner in 2006 and winner of the richest prize purse in the events history - $20,000 for first place -Ryan is no stranger to the location or the pressures of competing.

The final produced some of the most electrifying maneuvers of the contest, highlighted by Ben Player's (Avalon, NSW) ten point ride for a huge air above the inside rock ledge, known to local bodyboarders as 'Surge'.

The perfect score was also rewarded with a bonus $500 for "Move Of The Day", but Player's back up ride wasn't quite enough to take the overall lead from Hardy.

Shark Island can only be surfed two hours either side of high, so it was clearly difficult to find the best schedule to complete the event.

Final Results

1st Ryan Hardy
2nd Ben Player
3rd Damien King
4th Shaun Pyne

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