Ryan Hardy joins Reeflex wetsuits

February 4, 2011 | Bodyboarding

Ryan Hardy: he has a new wetsuit

Ryan Hardy has joined the Reeflex bodyboarding team. The Australian rider meets Dave “Winny” Winchester in the pursuit of an IBA World Tour title for the brand. Hardy, now a father of young Jay, is stoked.

"A big attraction to joining Reeflex was the strength in its team. Obviously Dave Wing, who is one of my main travel partners in the world tour and has quickly become one of Australia’s standout riders and biggest threats on the world tour. Then, there is the full spectrum of up and comers in Lachie Cramsie, Lewy Finnegan, George Humphreys, Davis Blackwell and my local boys, the Purvis brothers. It’s really motivating to be amongst a team of crazy talent and potential", says Hardy.

"Having ridden for other wetsuit brands and worked in store selling the latest ranges of suits, I can say quite genuinely that the 2011 Reeflex suits are among the best suits that I’ve both seen and worn and to see a bodyboard-founded brand present this level of quality is insane".

Reeflex is headed by an original WA bodyboarder, enthusiast of Hardy's generation, John Barker.

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