Ryan Hardy plans a freesurfing season for 2014

February 13, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Ryan Hardy: finding the exit

In 2014, Ryan Hardy will dedicate his time to freesurfing, pulling new moves, coaching at his own bodyboarding school, and traveling. The world bodyboarding tour is not in his plans.

After announcing a move to Funkshen Bodyboards, Ryan Hardy confirmed he will not be participating in an alternative world tour held by the Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB).

"The tour is experiencing some uncertainty right now, but there is more than enough passionate, experienced bodyboarders in the political mix to push this tour forward for years to come," he told our friends at Riptide Magazine.

"I've been focussed primarily on competition surfing for over a decade now so it'll be a refreshing and exciting change to just chase some sick waves around and push the limits of freesurfing."

Hardy has other priorities. He plans to shoot video and photo sessions, riding new boards and pushing the limits of bodyboarding. He also will be traveling to extreme surf spots, where bodyboarders are rare.

"I think Ireland is pretty high on my list. Riley's, Aileen's and just the whole landscape of Ireland. I like going to remote places on really cool mission. It just looks like somewhere I'd like to go", the Australian tells the South West Bodyboard Club, where he is Patron.

Hardy is also proud of his coaching skills, and that is why he will be seen teaching kids how to become world champions, at the Ryan Hardy Bodyboarding School.

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