Sacha Specker takes the 2012 Encanto Pro Trials

November 4, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Sacha Specker: photographing his own waves

Sacha Specker has conquered the 2012 IBA Encanto Pro Trials, in Puerto Rico.

The South African bodyboarder defeated Joao Zik, Trevor Kam and Heison Carrion. Specker managed to rack up a combined score of 16.58 out of a possible 20 points, to finish ahead of the other finalists.

The good conditions and high calibre of riding provided the full capacity beach crowd with endless entertainment throughout the day, with Manny Vargas back in the booth.

The stakes were high, as the top eight riders of the trials earned themselves a slot into the main event and valuable points to qualify for the 2013 GSS. The top eight trialists are Sacha Specker, Joao Zik, Trevor Kam, Heison Carrion, Jacob Romero, Renato Arellano, Martin Mouradian and Jones Russel.

The early heats featured Round 2 of Women's and Round 1 of Drop Knee, taking advantage of the clean, windless conditions. Standouts of the Women included Rita Pires and Emma Cobb, who both won their heats with clean lines and solid off the lip maneuvers.

The Drop Knee division saw Luis Pereira dominate the first round, showing full control and stamping his authority over the other competitors by  launching an air on a bowling left.

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