Salt Creek Point raiders enjoy funny chaos

August 29, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Bodyboarding: a sport that chases surfers

Riding waves under grey skies and choppy waters is never a surfer's dream. Now, can you imagine how harder it would be if your surf peak got invaded by a group of 30 bodyboarders?

Matt Danskin and Noah Chaply envisioned a bodyboarding raid and, suddenly, Salt Creek Point turned into the worst surfing nightmare. Each time there was only one rider in a wave, the anarchy group would drop in and end your ride.

Surfers didn't know what they could do to enjoy a fair ride. They would be immediately followed by the raiders, in any surfable wave.

The new Salt Creek Point bodyboarding gang just wanted to have fun. The idea is clear. They weren't there to harm anyone. There were even chicken costumes taking waves and passing over other boys.

Next time, the raid might knock at your peak's door. If that happens, just have fun with the boys. Trick or treats?

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